Your Voice (Inverclyde Community Care Forum) is an independent registered charity and Company Limited by Guarantee, set up over 24 years ago.

Our collective Network has built up a reputation of trust and effectiveness over the years and together we have influenced decisions to ensure local services and support meets the needs of local people.

Collectively we influence and work with local statutory, voluntary and private providers, as well as national organisations to ensure they listen to the voice of local people.

Our Network membership is diverse. Members come from across Inverclyde, with differing backgrounds and experiences, and span a broad spectrum of age groups. You can be involved in a variety of ways, from our wider network to the topic specific subgroups, Advisory Group or our Board.

The main areas of our work involves:

• Supporting people to speak up and get


• Listening to and acting on their views

• Identifying common issues of concern

and develop solutions

• Building and developing the skills and

knowledge of local people

• Raising awareness of local services and


• Connecting people

• Promoting positive health & well-being


Improving Lives:

  • Community Engagement
  • Capacity Building
  • Information & Signposting
  • Consultations & Events
  • Peer Support Groups
  • User & Carer Involvement

Research indicates that part of the reason for health inequalities and social exclusion in communities is that people feel they neither have control of their lives or the power to change anything. Feedback from local people in our community echoes this, and highlights that feelings of emptiness and lack of control means that some people partake in unhealthy activities that have a negative impact on physical/emotional health and wellbeing.

The ethos of Your Voice is to promote participation, and ensure that people with health problems and under-represented groups are accepted, supported and have the resources to fulfil their potential.

Your Voice bring together diverse voices to develop a common agenda for change. It is indicative of our work that people have a sense of community and control over their lives, by means of real choice and participation and have equal human value regardless of their situation or ability and have the right to dignity, respect, privacy and choice.

We facilitate capacity building through active community engagement, organisational development and building relationships of trust. We create the connections between local people, agencies and ideas, and work collaboratively to develop social inclusion and citizenship for local people to develop solutions to make Inverclyde a good and healthy place to live and work.

Inverclyde Community Care Forum | 12 Clyde Square Greenock | 01475 728628 |