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If you would like to find out more and/or get involved in the ‘Your Voice Network’, please get in touch or have a chat with one of our volunteers or staff. Membership is open to anyone 16 years or over, residing in Inverclyde.

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Our Service

We are committed to looking after the interests of the people of Inverclyde and using the resources available to us we will continuously review and tailor our services to achieve that aim.

More specifically we will:

Treat everybody fairly and equally irrespective of gender, Religion, race, age disability or sexual orientation.

  • Treat you with courtesy and respect.
  • Respond promptly to your enquiries.
  • Take account of your differing needs and concerns.
  • Let you know what standards of service you can expect from us.
  • Consult you on matters which may significantly affect you.
  • Explain our decisions, if you are not happy with them.
  • Help you to get the help you need.

Complaints, Comments or Concerns: Whilst we endeavour to provide a high quality service, we recognise that there may be times that you may not be satisfied with our service. If you have any complaints, comments or concerns about our services please note the following procedure:

Any complaints received from persons calling at our office or by telephone will be dealt with immediately with the aim of resolving the matter there and then.

If an immediate solution is not possible, perhaps because further enquiries are required, a senior member of staff will provide you with an initial response to your complaint within two weeks.  If your initial complaint is made in writing then you will receive a written response within two weeks.

Please address these in the first instance to our Executive Officer at the address shown, marked ‘Private & Confidential’.

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, your complaint can be considered by a more senior member of our organisation.

Complaints will be monitored in line with our equalities policy.

Written complaints send to
Karen Haldane (private and confidential)
at Your Voice Inverclyde, Community Care Forum, Unit 12/14 Clyde Square,, Greenock, PA15 1NB

or by e-mail to

Verbal complaints may be made by phone to 01475 728628 or in person to Your Voice Inverclyde Community Care Forum’s Executive Officer Karen Haldane.

Receiving Complaints

Complaints may arrive through channels publicised for that purpose or through any other contact details or opportunities the complainant may have. Complaints received by telephone or in person need to be recorded.

The person who receives a phone or in person complaint should:

  • Write down the facts of the complaint
  • Take the complainant's name, address and telephone number
  • Note down the relationship of the complainant to Your Voice Inverclyde Community Care Forum (for example: service user, attends group etc)
  • Tell the complainant that we have a complaints procedure
  • Tell the complainant what will happen next and how long it will take
  • Where appropriate, ask the complainant to send a written account by post or by email so that the complaint is recorded in the complainant’s own words.


Inverclyde Community Care Forum | 12 Clyde Square Greenock | 01475 728628 |