IRC is a constituted group with an active committee and membership who have been pivotal to the development of the Recovery Cafe Model in Inverclyde. IRC caters for the social needs of people in recovery / seeking recovery who are trying to avoid the pressures to use drink and / or drugs found in many adult social situations in Scotland.

Over the past few years, Inverclyde Recovery Projects at Your Voice have included the development and support of many different individuals on their path to Recovery.

Building on skills learned from prevention and education programmes provided by rehabilitation / treatment services, members of Inverclyde Recovery Cafe were keen to take a holistic approach and create a project to assist people on their recovery journey, as they move away from services into the community.

Recovery is a lifelong journey that requires removing substances from the system and building a solid foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and healthy behaviors.

Inverclyde recovery assets have created a social hub for people in recovery, led by people in recovery. IRC meets twice a week – Wednesdays & Fridays 5.00-8.00pm @ Crown Care, and celebrates all recovery and approaches to recovery.

It aims to develop recovery communities across Inverclyde and offer a wider range of opportunities for people in recovery - to support each other and develop both personally & socially, as they adjust to life without alcohol and/or drugs.

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Stigma Project

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infographic Project

Kevin's Story

Nathan's Story

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Inverclyde Alcohol & Drug Partnership Website

Inverclyde Recovery Recovery Voices
  • Inverclyde Recovery Cafe

    Members are skilled in delivering:

    • Accudetox

    • Comas Self Coaching Tools

    • Naloxone Training

    • Recovery Meetings

    • Group Work

    Member’s accessed:

    • Monthly NLP & CBT

    • Physical Activities & Exercise

    • Guitar Tuition

    • Monthly Clean & Sober

  • Recovery Jam

    In 2014 Your Voice conducted a Recovery Initiatives Needs Assessment in partnership with Inverclyde Alcohol & Drug Partnership. Throughout the assessment people indicated that they would like to access music therapy to assist them in their recovery.


  • Recovery Social Evenings

    IRC host a monthly Clean & Sober Social Evening (Culture Change!) on the last Friday of the Month

    This gives people in or seeking recovery, and members of the broader community, the chance to get together, in a safe and friendly place: to chat; listen to live music – range of local artists / musicians / singers support the café in this; dance – can’t dance? With guidance from our dance tutors you soon will; listen & move to the sounds of resident DJ Gonzo; have fun and socialise… because we can, we can do all of this both clean & sober!

    Hammy’s Out of School Care provide crèche, so bring the weans…

    Inverclyde in Recovery, lets change the culture…


  • Recovery Initiatives


    Alongside recovery assets, we facilitate weekly Café Recovery at various locations in Inverclyde - CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS

Inverclyde Community Care Forum | 12 Clyde Square Greenock | 01475 728628 |